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Quality Health Supplements & Protein Powders

Each person is different, and our customized approach allows us to help you create achievable goals based on your lifestyle and physicality. At Fitness Nutrition Center in Freeport, Illinois, we provide excellent customer service and a wide range of tested name-brand health supplements and protein powders at everyday low prices!

Tailored Approach

Everybody has different health issues. Our experts are there to help you pick out the right supplement for your needs. Tell us the problems that you're experiencing, and we'll point you to the supplement that fits you best, depending on your age, body type, and goals.


Choose from our selection of pure, quality supplements for every budget, with prices ranging from $2 to $80. Our stores carry different sizes of protein powders up to 10 pounds. Some of the popular, trusted brands that we stock include:
• NOW™
• MusclePharm™
• Irwin Naturals™
• Garden of Life™
• Rule 1 Proteins™

• LifeExtension™

Shipping & Returns

We can ship some products straight to you from the provider, so we offer a wider selection of goods online. For your convenience, we offer a reasonable return policy. Depending on the reason for the return, we can offer an exchange or refund on your product.

Contact us and place your order for health supplements and protein powders.